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Arran Wild Boar started in June 2020 during the lockdown with an idea to use my time on furlough wisely and bring something new and exciting to the Isle of Arran.

Wild Boar are a Hardy breed that were once native to the UK and have been reintroduced in parts Scotland and England over the past few years.

I feed these beasts on local produce and allow them to feed on vegetation, insects, seeds, nuts, roots and fruits they would eat in the wild.

The meat is on the same level as venison, it is high in protein and low in cholesterol with a sweeter taste.

It is not just Wild Boar living in the Glen, there are Iron age pigs, a British domestic pig crossed with wild boar that has existed since the bronze age.

The Oxford Sandy and Black pig are a heritage breed that have been in decline since the end of WW2. The population of around 500 is slowly on increase thanks the to the work of Oxford Sandy and Black pig charity group.

Arran Wild Boar is available at the Arran Butcher in Blackwaterfoot and will hopefully soon be feature on local restaurant menu’s for locals and visitors to enjoy.

I hope to also educate people on these amazing beasts from a conservation, and ecology perspective and to share my story on life with them.

I am proud to show support to other local businesses and to work together with them🤝



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