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The Packing Shed Sandbraes Isle of Arran KA27 8RV

Robin Gray has been a chef/grower since he was a nipper! He understands the cook’s need for good supplies of interesting fresh greenery for salads and cooking. The deep flavour and pungent aroma from these naturally grown herbs, salad leaves, and vegetables, is largely to do with their system of growing. None are forced with artificial fertilizer, which may produce a faster-growing leaf, but at the expense of flavour. There is also the health advantage of their freedom from chemical pesticides.

The farm has a large polytunnel which allows us to grow tender leaves, tomatoes, and peaches! Seedlings are often started in the tunnel and then planted outside, using only organic growing methods we produce a fantastic range of Vegetables and herbs which allows Robin to create the food that tastes the way he wants it to.

Robin supplies local hotels, shops, and some other top mainland chefs with fresh salad leaves and produce under the name “Robins Herbs”

He is now running pop-up restaurants, celebration events, weddings, parties, and dine-in dinner parties using his own homegrown or locally sourced seasonal produce to create fantastic fresh food. At locations mostly based on the Isle of Arran. Robin supplies a fantastic array of vegetables & herbs grown on organic principles to a list that includes some of Scotland’s most revered culinary artists.



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