Arran Gold Tiramisu

Mariella, Arran Whisky
24 hours in the fridge
20 Minutes
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  • 4
    Large free-range eggs, separated (fresh Arran eggs)
  • 100g
    Caster sugar
  • 500g
  • 150ml
    long espresso coffees (Arabica Arran Coffee)
  • 150ml
    Arran Gold
  • 200g Packet
    Savoiardi Sponge finger biscuits
  • To taste
    Cocoa powder
  • 100g bar
    Dark Chocolate (James of Arran)

Total Time

  • Preparation Time
    20 Minutes
  • Cooking Time
    24 hours in the fridge


  1. In a large bowl, whisk the egg yolks and 1/2 portion of sugar together with an electric whisk until pale and creamy. Mix the mascarpone into the egg mixture until well combined.

    2. Clean thoroughly the electric whisk and in another bowl whip the egg whites mixed with the remaining sugar until soft peaks form when the whisk is removed. Fold lightly into the mascarpone and egg mixture.

    3. Spoon a third of the mascarpone, egg and cream mixture into a large dish.

    4. Mix the espressos and Arran Gold 50/50 together in a shallow bowl. Dip the Savoiardi biscuits into the espresso and Arran Gold mixture, then lay them on top of the mascarpone mixture in the dish. (Repeat the soaking and layering individually as you go or the biscuits will become too soggy to handle.) Add cocoa and finely chopped dark chocolate to taste to the layer.

    5. Spoon over the next layer of the mascarpone mixture, followed by another layer of biscuits/chocolate/cocoa and do this procedure until you reach the top. Chill in the fridge for 24 hours.

    6. Bon appetito!


Tiramisu has always been extremely close to my heart. Born and raised in Italy, I was lucky enough to enjoy this dessert at any possible occasion or celebration. My mum, being the best cook in the world, used to change the recipe all the time, always adding or changing the main flavour of this delicate, light dish – double chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, orange, caramel … It was always a new surprise! Now it has much more of a luxurious, refined feel to it, but is nonetheless an extremely easy dessert to make at home. It doesn’t need an oven and it requires little preparation but, just like all other Italian recipes, it involves the use of high-quality ingredients.

Being an Arran Ambassador, and first of all a Whisky Ambassador, I love to experiment as much as possible and feature the products I look after daily. The idea of using Arran Gold mixed with coffee for this Tiramisu’ recipe came from the original and most amazing Arran Gold Cake that we offer in the CASK Café’ at our distillery up in Lochranza. If you have tried it once, you definitely know what I am talking about. I have previously exchanged coffee with Guinness to give the dessert a boozy touch (mostly to make my non-coffee-lover guests happy) but I have to say that our Cream Liquor does a much more fantastic job.

My idea of Tiramisu’ is simple: fresh and firm thanks to longer refrigeration, light and soft as I don’t use single cream but only cheese and eggs, simple in flavour combination with only chocolate being predominant and giving the dessert a crunchy texture and, finally, easy and fast to put together. A piece of cake, one might say (pun excused)!

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