Cheese and Dairy

Arran has one dairy farm. Many years ago there would have been more than 30 each supplying a small local area. Arran’s lush terroir leads to a rich and creamy milk that is now sold from vending machines around the island.  Arran’s famous flavoured waxed cheeses are made in Brodick. Arran Camembert, Arran Brie and Arran Blue (voted Scotland Best Cheese 2 years running at the World Cheese Awards) are made from Arran Milk 
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Arran’s Cheese Shop

At the Cheese Shop we make and sell 13 varieties of flavoured cheddars. We also own Bellevue Cheese Company that makes Arran Blue, Arran Brie and Arran Camembert. The shop also carries other Arran food products and Scottish Deli and cheese items. …

Arran Dairies

Arran Dairies is a manufacturer wholesaler based in Brodick, Isle of Arran. We manufacture ice cream and frozen desserts which we sell locally, nationally and internationally. We also wholesale all manner of food and drink products to the hospitality industry on the Isle of Arran. We have recently re-introduced local Arran Milk to the retail and hospitality trade via vending machines and mini dispensers. …
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